About the Technical Assistance Facility Trust

The Technical Assistance (TA) Facility facilitates the company’s investments through activities that reduce investment risk and help to develop a more robust pipeline for the fund as well as a sounder basis for its investment decisions.

The TA Facility builds capacity with local promoters and financial institutions in the renewable energy generation market and supports potential investment projects, particularly in early development stages.

For example, it can finance the improvement of local project sponsors’ existing studies, which are often inadequate from a technical and financial perspective. It can support early-stage project preparation, such as geotechnical or hydrology study, or commission and pay for external pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. By having local project sponsors work alongside our technical experts in developing their projects, the TA facility facilitates the transfer of key skills to local sponsors, with a positive impact on the number and quality of future projects.


The operational management of the TA Facility is handled by a dedicated unit of responsAbility Investments AG. The team consists of two specialised and highly experienced professionals:


Senior Technical Assistance Manager

More than 8 years’ experience in project management and technical assistance in the public and private development sectors


Technical Assistance Officer

More than 5 years’ experience in technical assistance and development investments